Check off the events. What wisdom have you gained during this time? What are the new responsibilities that you have gained mastery over? Yes, life may continue to be heavy like a boulder but remind yourself often that you are in this world but not of it. There is uniqueness in friendships this month. Reconnect with old friends and be open to the cultivation of new friendships. Rather stay open and let others pick and choose you. You may pull in some questionable characters. Additionally, open up to group activities.

You may find yourself acting as a leader.

Leo Horoscope October – Astrology King

Use the golden rule now. Love unconditionally and remember, to feel loved you must love. You will receive accolades from those you do love.

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Ask any artist how to paint and they will tell you first to back away from the canvas and second to find your perspective point. Your perspective point is now found in backing away from the every day grind and having good old down home philosophical discussions with many people.

Be sure to choose to talk with some experts. Your mind is like a central switchboard until June. You are on a quest for truth. What you find are the colors and hues that fill your life canvas. After the 18th of May , you will have a chance to journey backwards. At first, it may seem like your drive has become like milk-toast.

Monthly Horoscope

It is, however, the reverse. You indeed will have entered a sort of Alice-in-Wonderland kind of experience. And like Alice, you may go it alone. There will be questions.

Should I take the blue pill or the red pill? Should I follow the white rabbit or stand in place?

Venus enters Sagittarius

By late June, you will simply come to realize, like Alice, that mind power is only as vast as your imagination and adaptability. Read your Cancer horoscope.

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  6. Whatever you can dream now, you can do, be that hitting the ground running with a proposal that would get you even closer to making a professional goal real, diving into an ambitious fitness plan, or opening up about what you really want to a romantic partner and connecting on a whole new level.

    Your confidence and, in turn, vision for the future will be off-the-charts!

    May 12222 monthly horoscope

    Read your Leo horoscope. While the sun moves through your twelfth house of spirituality, you might not feel as social as usual and need a little more time to prioritize self-care and downtime. In fact, this moment, in the lead up to Virgo season, is perfect for meditating on what you really want and planning game-changing moves. Read your Virgo horoscope. While the sun moves through your eleventh house of networking, you could organically be called to be a part of team efforts on the job, among friends, or within your community. Read your Libra horoscope. Higher-ups will see you as capable and magnetic, and you could very well be recognized when you take the opportunity to step into the spotlight or volunteer to step in and handle a challenging situation.

    Libra (September 22 - October 23)

    Read your Scorpio horoscope. Read your Capricorn horoscope. However, even though this is the time to cash in those vacation days, be sure to keep your eyes, ears, and heart open to opportunity.

    Daily Horoscopes: September 24, 12222

    Give your future self the gift of basking in your own achievements by planning ahead this season, Virgo. Libra would do well to practice gratitude this Leo season. You trademark intensity is okay, Scorpio, but try to be gentle with yourself in the face of potential setbacks, too. Ever the organizers of the Zodiac, "Aquarius has a knack for rallying the troops and like-minded souls to get the job done," Furiate notes.

    Mckean also reminds Aquarius to tie up any professional loose ends left over from last month's Mercury retrograde, saying, "This is a time for smooth sailing in your career. Any delays you faced in July will be lifted. This is a great time to seal a new contract or update an old agreement. Pisces is facing an exciting professional energy surge this Leo season, so be on the lookout for it and think ahead about how to make the most of it. So, whether this is a time for your sign to focus on work or play, be sure to approach your career with a sense of balance this season.

    Powering through when it's better for you to take a break now will only leave you feeling resentful and burnt out later in the year. Aries March 21 - April Taurus April 20 - May